What is Fraserburgh 2021?

As part of the Fraserburgh Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan a £5.8 million Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (TH/CARS) scheme has commenced in Fraserburgh town centre. The scheme focuses on restoring and enhancing Fraserburgh’s built heritage. A number of other regeneration projects will also be taking place in Fraserburgh over the five years (2016-2021) as part of the Fraserburgh 2021 project.

Focus of the Scheme

The focus of the TH/CARS Scheme is to transform the image and quality of the historic core of Fraserburgh by investing in the unique built and cultural heritage of Fraserburgh.

The project aims to achieve this through:

Investing in Fraserburgh’s Built Heritage
Boosting town centre business
Providing effective interpretation and training
Reinforcing identity through placemaking