TH / CARS Overview

Aberdeenshire Council has been awarded funding to deliver a Townscape Heritage and Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (TH/CARS) in Fraserburgh. The scheme will be officially launched on March 11th 2017. Investment of £5.7 million is planned for conservation and restoration work in the new Fraserburgh Central Conservation Area over a five year period to March 2021. The scheme focuses on restoring and enhancing Fraserburgh’s built heritage making the town centre a more vibrant and attractive place for residents and local businesses. A number of other regeneration projects will also be taking place in Fraserburgh over the five years (2016-2021) as part of the Fraserburgh 2021 project.

Fraserburgh 2021 aims to restore Saltoun Chambers and former Police Station and make them more accessible to the public as well as returning other derelict or vacant historic properties in the Fraserburgh Central Conservation Area back into active and viable use. This is the best way to ensure that our historic environment is preserved and reinvigorated for future generations. A number of restoration works will be carried out to buildings in Fraserburgh town centre including shop front improvements and reinstatement of original architectural detail. Training opportunities in traditional skills will also be made available through the scheme.

26522 (Town House, Council Chambers)