Tunnel Mosaic Project

You32850ngsters from Lochpots and North School primaries brightened up the Broch when they unveiled new mosaic artworks at Saltoun Arcade as part of the regeneration work in Fraserburgh.


Many local people saw the benefit of improving the area around the pedestrian underpass, to make it more colourful, lighter and safer, as it was in great need of a make-over.


Artist Geoff Roberts was appointed in 2014 to research the project from which four mosaic panels and smaller gold mosaics evolved.


Two large mosaics run across the top of the arcade, incorporating imagery from Fraserburgh’s proud seafaring history in trade, exploration and fishing as well as buildings and objects from the town’s rich heritage. Two panels inside are based on designs created by the school pupils.


There are also a number of very small gold mosaics set into some of the buildings along Castle Street, on the way to the museum and heritage centre. Why not see if you can find a cargo of gold coins from the fabled sunken ship just off the coast; a caulking iron from the shipyard; a cellar mallet from the brewery or a child’s model boat from the pleasure beach.


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