Commerce Street and the Town Plan

Fraserburgh’s street layout has been redrawn several times since Alexander Fraser of Philorth’s original grid pattern of the late 16th Century.

Commerce Street was laid out in1815 and when the Glovers arrived in 1836, it marked almost the southern reach of the town plan.

Town Plan shown in admiralty chart as surveyed around 1844. Reproduced by permission of the National Libraries of Scotland

After the Glovers left, the Town continued to expand southward of Commerce Street, with a flurry of development triggered by the coming of the railway in the 1860s.

Ordnance Survey Map of Fraserburgh, 1869 – (image reproduced with permission from the National Libraries of Scotland)

The only pictures we have of a house at Nos 15 and 17 were taken in the 1920’s.

The doorstep is quite high to stop mud and water from the street flowing into the house . You can see a nicely carved granite moulding surrounding the double entrance, with an arched recess to hold a boot-scraper.












From this we can deduce that in 1838, Nos 15 and 17 Commerce Street would probably have looked much like those around the corner in Saltoun Place – a good quality building where a man of status could grow his family – and handy for the harbour too.