• OUr First Completed Shopfront

Building Projects

One of the main focuses of the scheme was to bring vacant and derelict buildings back in to use and to generally improve the condition of the buildings within the town centre. This was done by targeting key buildings and developing projects to address the specific issues of each building. This varied in scale from the complete redevelopment of buildings to find new uses through to extensive external repairs, right down to providing grants for new shopfronts and hand painted signage.

Priority Projects
  • The Faithlie Centre, 1 Saltoun Square
  • The John Trail Building, 5-13 Mid Street
  • Anderson House , 9-11 Frithside Street
  • 51- 55 Broad Street
  • 1-7 Frithside Street
Medium Priority Projects
  • 17-21 High Street
  • 22-30 High Street
  • 12-14 High Street
  • 18-20 High Street
  • 21 to 31 Commerce Street
  • 23 High Street
Small Grants
  • Nooks and Crannies, 43 Cross Street
  • 4,6 and 8 Saltoun Square
  • Penny Schoolie, 90 High Street
  • 33 Broad Street
  • Fraxus, High Street
  • Close To Home, High Street
  • Wholehearted and Lana Lou’s, High Street