• OUr First Completed Shopfront

Nos 21 to 25, Commerce Street.



Address21-25 and 31 Commerce Street, Fraserburgh, AB43 9AQ


Property History Early 20th century (probably from the 30’s).

Block of 3 terraced houses over 2 storeys, recessed from adjoining properties, with gardens originally to the front. Two of these recessed properties have traditional shopfronts projected from the older house onto its front gardens, with flats above.


Proposed end useRemains the same – Ground floor shops (with adjoining flat above)
Proposed TimescaleOctober – December 2020
Description of Repair WorksComprehensive works to conserve the exterior; repairs to fascia and brackets; repainting of timberwork; shopfront glazing; and renewal of flat roof,


ContractorRicky Ross
Fraserburgh CARS

Project Officer Recommendation

Repair to these shopfronts will undoubtedly make a positive contribution to the building frontage and appearance of Fraserburgh CA, especially if considering that this type of shopfronts is unusual in the North of Scotland.