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Planning Consents – a Quick Guide

Conservation Area designation does not prohibit new development, but should be of the highest standard so as not to harm the character of the area.

Built heritage is part of what makes a place special – it provides a link to our history and culture. If we maintain it now, it will be there for future generations. You can play a part in making and keeping Fraserburgh Town Centre Conservation Area an attractive place for residents and visitors, contributing both to our sense of belonging and wellbeing of the town.

What you need permission for:
  • You will normally need planning permission to carry out work on Property in the Conservation Area. Types of work include, for example: building a small extension, carrying out alterations to a roof, installing a satellite dish, replacing windows and doors, the erection of gates, fences, garages, sheds, porches and storage tanks.
  • You probably do not need planning permission if undertaking interior works only.
  • But if a building is listed, permission may be needed for interior works.
You can check to see if your building is listed here
  • Straightforward repair work normally does not require planning permission, but we recommend that you contact the planning department to check.
  • Demolition or substantial demolition of a building within a conservation area usually requires Conservation Area Consent.
  • In most cases, it is built heritage that suffers worst from inappropriate actions, but trees and public realm are also protected. You will also need permission to carry out works on trees such as felling or trimming, so you must check to see if trees are protected or not.
You can check to see if you need planning permission here