Opening Up the Saltoun Mausoleum


Immediately behind the rubble masonry were a pair of severely rusted iron gates.  the gates were very carefully removed and, at the time of writing, have been taken to a specialist metalworker to assess their potential for conservation.


The crypt itself is fortunately still found to be in decent condition, but there a few notable features within it.  the roof, however, is formed by an elegant intersecting cross vault, which now has a number of lime-based stalactites!

The crypt was unblocked by specialist masonry firm Harper and Allan on 16 November 2020 in the presence of the Rt. Hon Mrs. Kate Nicholson.


The entrance had been blocked using rubble stone and brick, and was easily removed without any damage to the original building.



Part of the floor of the crypt is still covered in large stone slabs, with several of them now misaligned and/or dropped from their original positions.

Work on the Mausoleum is scheduled to be complete by May 2021.