The Temperance Fountain Springs to Life!

We”re seeking Planning Approval to restore Saltoun Square’s Temperance Fountain. Its presence is a hangover (sorry) from the vigorous 19th-century Temperance Movement which sought to discourage drunkenness – providing a free alternative to alcoholic beverages for folk out and about in the Burgh. The Fountain was prominently sited near the doorstep of at least five taverns…

This very fine example of Victorian Cast-ironwork, with its granite base, will be restored to its former glory, with a lamp on top – and we’ll move it to its former location, away from the front of the Mausoleum which is also undergoing renovations.

It will be resited across the road, close to where ‘The Net’ sculpture ( ‘the Fish’) currently sits.

The intention is to have David Annand’s much-loved bronze sculpture stored, cleaned up and repatinated, then resited at another appropriate location within the town, so both pieces can be seen to their best advantage.

APP_2020_2176-LOCATION__SITE_LAYOUT_AND_ELEVATION-9194256 – Fountain

APP_2020_2176-FRONT_AND_SIDE_ELEVATIONS-9194257 – Fountain